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2018 Whistler Real Estate Stats

We have been busy with assessments. Many homeowners are calling as numerous assessments now exceed market value. The first quarter of 2018 was definitely the peak of the market and prices quickly retracted about 10 percent. Last year at this time, we hit a record for lack of inventory with only 140 listings on the market. Today our inventory has since doubled with 280 listings. Bear in mind, this is still a historical low as the highest inventory was in 2012 with over 1000 properties listed for sale. We still may be showing signs of a further cooling off as the sales are down half of what they were last year. In the last 30 days there have been 27 sales and in the same period (12 months ago) we had double the transactions of 61 sales. In summary, listings have doubled as sales have dropped in half. This may just bring some sort of normalcy back to the market. Time will tell.

Shauna O'Callaghan

Shauna O’Callaghan is a long-time Whistler resident and real estate agent. Put her experience to work for you!