Whistler Zoning

As a resort community it is imperative to be able to host any number of visitors at one time within the boundaries of our municipality. As such the urban planning of our community has been carefully thought out. As a result we have different areas within our community that have different zoning, which gives each neighbourhood its specific character.

Residential Use

The properties zoned for residential use are meant to be used for residential purposes and are not to be rented on a short term basis. They may be rented on a long term basis or enjoyed full or part time by the owner and guests.

Tourist Accommodation

The properties with this zoning are special in that they have the ability to allow our guests to rent them on a short term basis either through a professional rental management firm or through the owner themselves. They also allow owner use which adds a lifestyle component to the investment.

Within the tourist accommodation areas there are two distinct property types.

1. PHASE ONE units
Also known as “unrestricted units.” These properties allow the owner to use the property as much and as often as they like. When the owner is not using the property, short term (nightly) rental is permitted. There are many options for rental management throughout Whistler and it is important to know which manager to use for the property in question.

2. PHASE TWO units
Also known as “restricted units” these are condo apartments within an ongoing hotel operation. The owners’ number of days of personal usage is restricted to 28 days in the summer season and 28 days in the winter season. The owners days must be booked in advance and through the operator within their management structure. Benefits include revenue and various hotel services and facilities. There are many different management structures to understand within each of these units. I have an extensive understanding of any and all of them.

Commercial Areas

Commercial areas are set out near the Village and are mostly used for retail or office type businesses. There are many commercial opportunities in Whistler and one should understand the implications of the zoning for each separate parcel of land in Whistler to fully appreciate its potential.

Industrial Use

Most of our industrial land in Whistler is located south of town in an area called Function Junction. There are many commercial and industrial opportunities here. Every piece has its own stipulations on the use and enjoyment therein.